Join us this Saturday to help raise money for our troops! (Video)

One of the greatest dangers to soldiers today is attacks on their mental health. War zones are stressful even when not in combat. Sitting in a camp with rockets flying overhead for hours and hours there is nothing you can do but pray you aren’t hit and distract yourself.

Operation Supply Drop sends a much needed distraction to NATO soldiers all over the world and connects veterans and civilians together. Help theCHIVE and OSD support our troops by joining us this Saturday for a 24-hour gaming marathon to benefit Operation Supply Drop.

To make a donation please visit theCHIVE.com/OSD and join us this Saturday, May 16th, from Noon to Noon May 17th, when we will be streaming live for 24 hours on Twitch.tv/theCHIVE with special guests, prize giveaways, and a full order of CHIVE shenanigans.

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