Short on lung capacity but a big heart: Meet Dave Cosner (14 Photos)

Dave is not only a survivor, he’s a fighter. His brother, Dylan told me he’s never heard his brother complain about his lot in life. He won’t let his disorder get him down. Dave wanted to make a statement to the Chivers:

“Just thinking about what the Chivers have done makes me choke up. It’s a true gift given in this day and age when a community rallies together to help out someone they have never met. I just wanted to let you all know how you have changed my life and the lives of tons of other deserving families.”

Ten years ago Wegener’s was a death sentence. With more awareness comes a better chance of a cure. Education may fan the flames that lead to remission where once there was only a flickering hope of survival. Some of that awareness begins today here at theCHIVE.

If you’re interested in becoming a new member of theCHIVE Fund and making the world 10% happier, here you go.

Important Note: As many of you know, we’ve switched our membership management systems at the Chive Fund. If you’ve signed up to be a member before, it’s crucial to re-enter your information by simply clicking on the personalized link currently in your inbox!

Enjoy the 4th of July Holiday, Chivers. Dave will be joining us on Thursday at the Rattle Inn for our biggest official meetup ever.

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