theCHIVERS surge through another goal, bring more help to Oklahoma tornado victims and volunteers (17 Photos)

Seth is working on two unofficial Chive meetups in the works to raise money for the tornado victims, one in Shreveport and one actually in Moore.

The Shreveport Meetup is on June 12th. By the looks of the photo above, it’s not going to suck. Details right here.

The Moore meetup will be Friday, June 28th at Seven47. Located near the OU campus, the owners are huge Chivers. There will be drink specials and a fundraiser. The next day begins ‘Chive Volunteer Day’ in OKC! Details on the meetup and volunteering right here.

Proceeds from both meetups will go towards the tornado cleanup.

Thanks again for all your help, Chivers. You’ve enabled some great guys to bring big help to an area that needs it most.

You can still donate right here.

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