The Chivers come to the aid of a triplet born without eyes (20 HQ Photos)

I spoke to Heston when we left. He recalled a story of when he told his mother about submitting an application to Chive Charities. She didn’t understand, “Heston, so this website, with funny photos and girls, is going to help the family? Are you ok?” He told his mother that this website’s community could make miracles happen. Heston told me he believed we would call every night for two months and never lost hope. Until one day he was pulling into the parking lot, the phone rang.

All of this was made possible by the Chivers who donate monthly to theCHIVE fund. Your small sacrifice has already made Griffin’s life so much better. The Chive Fund has done its job now. But after meeting with Griffin, something tells me his story is just beginning.

Here’s the thing. As theCHIVE grows, we often struggle with our own limitations to run it. What should be a massive corporation with hundreds of employees is, instead, a family run company with enough employees to fit in a broom closet. You see, we don’t really run it at all. The mood and spirit of theCHIVE is largely dictated by the Chivers now, and that’s the way it should be. Just as long as that spirit exists for the good. I think we can do more here and I have some ideas, but I could use a little help. I’d like to hear what you think we should do? I’m all ears.

Something tells me Part II of this story is coming soon.

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