World Record takes 2 days set-up and 5 minutes to knock down (Video)

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Two days to build and 5 minutes to fall…World Record achieved for longest single line of this lil’ classics going down…all 15,524 Dominoes. It took down the old record of 12,610 in a row that was set in Sept. of 2016 by Domino artist “101gabed”.
The original video is just a little long, so I sped up the video’s speed in sections. If you want to see the original or check out some more crazy Domino videos; go to an interesting website called Hevesh5.com.

See old Record HERE

Three professional Domino artist worked together to build this record breaker:

Check out Hevesh5Extras.com YouTube Channel
Video source from Hevesh5Extras.com

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