Bill Murray teams up with theCHIVE for charity. Chivers, we need your help! (15 Photos)

We’re flying to St. Augustine next week to play in the tournament and present a check to the firefighters on behalf of all theCHIVERS. Don’t worry, we’ll bring you plenty of photos of our antics. Mac was even allowed to come, I guess the TSA made some kinda’ special travel exemption. He was placed on the VIP no-fly list early last year for reasons unknown.
Please note: this is a private charity event and not open to the public, sorry.

Get a closer look at the newest Chive Tee, The William Murray, right here.

UPDATE: I’m already getting emails from Chivers asking if they can donate directly to the Murray Bros. Foundation (you guys continue to impress). You can do that right here.

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