A note on the Sexy Chivers…

As much as I believed I could pull of a ‘Sexy Chivers’ this week, it got away from me a bit. As many of you know, we’re shooting some of your favorite Chivettes this week and it’s been amazing thus far. We can’t wait to share some of the stunning photos with you.

As you also know, I won’t post the ‘Sexy Chivers’ if I don’t have time to give our Chivettes the time and consideration each submission deserves. So I’m holding off on ‘Sexy Chivers’ until next Friday. All apologies.

Our Chivettes continue to surge. This week, Sarah Hill exploded on theCHIVE and across America thanks to one of our Chivers noticing a beautiful girl at a Chicago Blackhawks game briefly flash across his TV. It turned out she was a huge Chiver and we’ll be bringing you more Sarah in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned for the DAR today. Will have a few behind the scenes shots for ya.

Chive On,


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