This is the story of American Hero, Sean Pesce (16 Photos)

The poet C.C. Scott once said that the human spirit was stronger than anything that can happen to it. Sean Pesce’s spirit, it seems, proves the thesis.

Sean will return to his home in Connecticut an American Hero. We’re so glad we could play a part in his hero’s welcome. Once again, the Chivers who donate to theCHIVE Fund have made it all possible. theCHIVE Fund exists to support people in need of smaller generosities than the headline campaigns, as well as help underfunded campaigns meet their goals. We’re so proud to be a small part of all this.

Sean will be joining us at the (massive) Inaugural Green Gala in Austin on November 2nd. All of our Green Members will be in attendance to personally meet our grantees. Taylor Morris will be cutting a rug with the Stein Family. Little Zoe will even be there!

You can still donate to Sean’s GoFundMe page RIGHT HERE. I’ll be very curious how theCHIVERS spread that around on social media.

There is a Headline Campaign coming soon to theCHIVE, the Big Show – maybe the biggest we’ve ever staged for someone who needs so much help. Be ready, we’ll need you all again very soon.

Thanks especially to everybody at Chive Charities who helped me with this story. Brian, Angie, and Chelsea, you work so hard behind-the-scenes to make all of this possible. I can’t thank y’all enough for your tireless commitment to helping others.



Donate to theCHIVE Fund RIGHT HERE.

UPDATE #2: The Chivers have absolutely ignited what was once a stagnate GoFundMe page! A simple link I placed as an afterthought suddenly caught fire. In an hour, you had put the $20,000 goal in your rear view mirror and are currently about to eclipse the $30,000 mark in addition to the $30,000 theCHIVE fund already contributed separately to the family. Unbelievable.

UPDATE #3: $40,000!

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