Super Bowl Challenge – $10K Rare Coin Collection & BFM Memorabilia Grand Prize

CHIVE | BETS is running a free to play contest that consists of making 15 picks against the spread, over/under and props for your chance at the $10k Grand Prize.  The first 14 picks are worth 1 pt each and selecting which editorial team will do better in this contest is the money pick worth 3 pts if you get it correct.  Team John & Elizabeth are competing against Team Bob & Graysen in this same format – and you need to decide which team you believe will win.

Each person is allowed one entry.  You can sign up here –


Most of the selections are self explanatory.  For example – the coin toss has the option for you to select “heads” or “tails”.  If you select “heads” and at the Super Bowl, the toss lands on “heads” – you get 1 point for your entry.   There are several of these types of selections in the contest.  Will the last play of the game consist of the quarterback taking a knee – “yes” or “no”.  These questions are hard to predict, but should make the game more entertaining to watch.  “What will be the color of the liquid dumped on the winning coach”?

Kansas City is favored to beat Tampa Bay by 3.5 points.  You’ll see this represented by Kansas City-3.5 vs Tampa Bay on the game card.  If you choose Kansas City that means they have to beat Tampa Bay by 4 pts or more for you to win that point on the game card.  If Tampa loses by less than 4 pts or outright wins the game – you would not get that any points for choosing Kansas City.

Over/Unders are bets where you are choosing whether or not you believe the total summation of the score/yards/attempts, etc… will end up going above or under a specific number.  The over/under for the total points in the this game is 56.5, so you need to decide whether or not you believe the total points scored in the game will be over or under 56.5.  Example:  Kansas City 35, Tampa Bay 24 = 35+24 = 59 total points.  So if you chose the “over” you would get a point for making that selection.  As you might also notice, there is a question as to whether or not the total players to attempt a pass will be over or under 2.5.  We know Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes are going to attempt a pass so that equals 2 for sure.  The question is, will anyone else on the field, from either team try and pass the ball.  If you believe there will be any other pass attempt by another player – you would select the over 2.5.

Which editorial team will win – Team John & Elizabeth or Team Bob & Graysen?  This selection is worth 3 pts if you get it correct so choose wisely.  These two editorial teams are competing against each other in the same contest you are participating in – simply for bragging rights. They can’t win the grand prize.  But you need to decide which team you think will get more picks correct and side with that team – because this pick is worth 3 pts for you – if you get it correct, otherwise you get nothing.

Tie Breaker – similar to understanding the over/under – pick the exact total pts you believe will be scored in the Super Bowl. This will be used as a tie breaker if the leaders in the contest both end up with the same number of correct picks.  If you believe the score will be Kansas City 41 Tampa Bay 38 you would select the total pts to be 79 for the tie breaker.


Super Bowl Grand Prize

  • Collection of Rare Coins (Chris Farley 1 oz Silver, 1 BFM 1 oz Bronze, 1 BFM 1 oz Copper, 1 BFM 1/10 oz Gold Ostrich Crest,  1 BFM 1/10 oz Gold Island Mint)
  • Signed Bill Murray Poster 
  • $500 in FREE CHIVE GEAR
  • CHIVE BOX subscription for 1 year
  • AD-FREE subscription to theCHIVE for 1 year


The winner of the contest will be notified via email within 5 days after the Super Bowl.


*Against the spread means that if a team is (-3.5) and you select them they have to win by 4 in order for your pick to be a winner.  Counter to that, if you select a team that is (+3.5) and they lose by 3 pts, your selection wins, as they covered the spread. Please refer to our guides in order to get a crash course in sports betting.

**By participating in this contest you acknowledge that this is a winner take all contest and CHIVE MEDIA GROUP reserves the right to make adjustments to the contest in order to identify a sole winner (1) as needed.

***You re-acknowledge that you read the paragraph above.

****CHIVE BETS reserves the right to make adjustments as to how the tie breakers are configured in order to determine the winner. This may include additional tie breaker picks.

*****Total point or total yardage tie-breakers are determined by who got closest to the actual. If there remains a tie, then the winner is determined Barker style – who got closest without going over.

******Upon winning and receiving your prize you may be asked to take a picture with such prize and or share that picture via your social network.  Upon entering this contest you are agreeing to do so.