Anatomy of The Chive's 'Teen Texting Disaster' Hoax

Last Week, The Chive published a story about a young lady named Lizzy Frisinger on a class trip who accidently sent a text message to her father after losing her virginity. The story exploded onto the blogosphere. The Inquisitr, Buzzfeed, and Huffington Post were just a few named sites that picked up the story. But it didn’t stop there.
Yesterday, ABC’s
The View devoted an entire segment to the story.  And this morning, the Today Show followed suit; both national outlets reporting the incident as TRUE.
BREAKING: And just minutes ago on the East Coast, Jay Leno reported the story on The Tonight Show.

[youtube saTIN1rBl5E]

What they didn’t know was that the whole thing was a hoax conjured up by the same people who brought you the now-famous ‘Trump-Tip Hoax‘ -us.
Amazingly, while these national shows were busy not checking their facts,
The Chive was filming a story about how we pulled it off with Inside Edition to air early next week. Here is the (very simple) version of how we did it:

Step One: Find Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Frisinger

~ Roll mouse over photo, OR ELSE! ~

Step 2: Find a Camera

~ Roll mouse over photo, OR ELSE! ~

Step 3: Find a Phone

~ Roll mouse over photo, OR ELSE! ~

And there you have it. A viral meme in three easy steps. You don’t have to worry about us pulling this again. The Chive is a photo blog, not a news source.
The Chive will make you happy.
The Chive is for people with heart conditions.
The Chive may cause you to become pregnant.

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