The Chivers have nearly doubled the donation goal for Lilli !!!

Yesterday, I posted a story about a special little girl battling Smith-Magenis Syndrome who needed our help. SMS causes intellectual disability, delayed development, sleep disturbance, and extreme behavioral problems, including self-inflicted injury.

The goal was to have a company that specializes in building safe spaces fly from the UK to Canada to construct a room-within-a-room to keep Lilli safe from harm. I set the financial goal at $17,000

The Chivers don’t look at price tags apparently. We raised the needed $17,000 in less than two hours flat! I couldn’t believe it. The Wilson family was in shock. I honestly expected it to take a couple days to hit such a lofty number.

But then something happened. Mac the Intern who was monitoring the donations spoke up, “We’re at $21,000.” Huh? Over the next couple hours donations surged through the $25,000 mark. Everybody here at the office basically sat in front of the donation site, collective jaws-on-floor.

I updated the site that whatever extra money was raise would go to help Lilli, education, medical bills, etc; we’ll figure out the salient details shortly. Lilli’s story continued to get passed around and inspire our Chivers to give prodigiously. I woke up this morning and checked the donations site. $32,000!!! We’re going to double the financial goal!

Chivers, on behalf of the Wilson family and everybody here… you knocked the ball out of the park. Check that, you put the ball out onto Waveland Ave. I’ve never been this proud of our Chivers and Chivettes. This is unbelievable. You’ve proven yourselves to be one of the most kind and generous communities on the internet and you’ve forever changed the life of a little girl who needed it most. For that, you should be very proud today.

Chive On,

John n’ Leo

Original story here.

Check out the video below:

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