Bad-a** pilot’s flawless cockpit fire emergency landing (Video)

Imagine returning from battle during WWII while being shot-up AND you’re cockpit is freaking smoking because your plane is on fire.
During an airshow, this bad-a** pilot was flying a Grumman/TBM “Avenger” Torpedo Bomber plane when sanity went to “oh sh*t”. But this pilot didn’t dirty his pants. Nope, chilling…landing a burning plane…get this guy a beer.

The “Avenger” entered WW2 and was thrust into the Battle of Midway. Our current AF/Naval Aviator pilots are pure best-of-the-best because they learned from our past heroes.
yeah, f-n bunch of bad-a**es.

(for the discerning eyes,
the “fire” was most likely smoke from an oil leak but the pilot doesn’t have time care. Planes f-ed/ let’s do this)

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