Bump on the water sends H1 racer up-side-down (Video)

H1 Unlimited Hydroplane boat racing is crazy enough in smooth as glass waters. When you add some wind and the tiniest of waves, things can get real dangerous.
This was taken from the “Reddot U-9” boat that is driven by Jon Zimmerman.
He was came out of a corner at the “Detroit Gold Cup” race and ended up capturing this crazy footage on his spoiler’s camera. At the end of the video, Zimmerman talks about the wreck and his “horrific” injury. It’s kind of funny how nonchalantly these race drivers break down, what looks to be a career ending accident. Leave it to the pros to wreck and still remember to give a positive plug to both his opponent and his race team. Needless to say, professional racers of any sort are simply awesome and totally f-n crazy.

I slightly cropped down 2 videos to make this one.
To check out the original POV video, click HERE
To check out the original crowd video, click HERE

Side note for the picky of commenters. I increased the video speed on the final POV look of the wreck…yes, it’s still a bit slowed down and not at actual “real time” speed.

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