Every kid should watch this video (Teamwork)

I’ve wanted to post this video for 2 years.
It’s not about Tim Duncan, this is a story about teamwork. The video was made as a tribute to the Spurs after they won the Championship in 2014.
What made this win so inspirational was the fact that they should have won it all in 2013 too. In game 6 of the 2013 play-offs, they blew a huge lead with seconds left in the game. Ultimately, the Heat and “King James” would win it in 7 games. Instead of getting down, they came back the next year and won the Championship.

In my opinion, every kid should watch this video…get ready for some tears and a smile.

This inspirational video titled “The Beautiful Game” was created by an editor named Colin Stanton.
You can check out more of his work HERE

If you get a chance to watch this on a laptop/bigger screen with better audio, the video hits even harder.

Side note, I say “King James” but I’m also a fan of LeBron James. If you’ve ever been to northern Ohio, he really gave a community something to come together and be proud of. Also, I’m a little bias because I went to school at Wake Forest. Go Wake.
Every summer, Timmy D use to come back to tiny Winston-Salem, NC to work out. He’d do backward “crab-walks” up the same hill behind the track and field loop that he use to climb back in his school days. More importantly, if you asked to shake his hand, he’d say hi and chat with you.
Bling ain’t cool, sending a normal nerd like myself off with a story is simply “cool”.

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