Real audio from a WW2 dog fight (Video)

The radio chatter in the background is from UK’ Royal Air Force bomber team as they approach their target over Germany. They are flying in an Avro Lancaster heavy bomber which was their primary aircraft for group bombing missions during the Second World War.

As they approach their target, a German fighter engages them. The rest is best told through the audio.
I’ve gotta give it to this Lancaster team. Through out the attack, they remain calm as you could be, considering an attack plane which is both faster and much more maneuverable is trying to shoot them out of the sky. Not to mention the fact that the Lancaster is over the bombing target to which, they must remain in formation and fly in a strait line. The final amazing part stems from the fact that the German pilots were highly skilled with years of actual war time experience…yes they ware the bad-guy Nazis but they understood how to battle.

I hate to use the cliché but these guys are the definition of KCCO. That being said, it was war…trust me when I say, there’s nothing funny about this video.
But g-d, it’s simply amazing what our Grandpa’s went through.

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