Shay Maria is at theCHIVE offices. Tune in for the live photoshoot. (SESSION CLOSED)

I promised yesterday that I’d make Shay Maria the Chivette of the week. Well right now, Shay is at the Chive offices for her shoot. She’ll be starting in about 10 minutes. Today, we are officially launching theCHIVE’s live office webcam to the world and you can watch Shay’s shoot in progress, LIVE. We’ve got a lot of new visitors on theCHIVE today. And for those of you who are new here, welcome to theCHIVE. Tune in HERE.

UPDATE: Shay is gone but you can see more in the video below. It’s been a good day.

UPDATE 2: In case you missed the shoot, we recorded a little snippet from the CHIVE CAM for your viewing pleasure (there’s no audio, but you get the idea):

Here’s a little taste of what’s to come. Check back next week for a spanking brand new Shay Maria photoshoot.

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