Spoiled kid gets Land Rover stuck in beach while trying to take picture (Video)

“While wrapping up our day of fishing on the beach, we were passed by this vehicle driving faster than normal traffic on the beach. Five minutes later, we saw splashing down at the surf and found white Land Rover stuck in the sand with the waves crashing on it. We were unable to help them get out of the sand because they were so buried. We spoke to driver and passenger. The passenger the vehicle had asked to go down by the water to take a photo, so the driver drove down there and stopped, and it started sinking into the sand. The driver insisted upon leaving the vehicle running while it was sitting in the surf, against our advice. Additionally, he refused to shut the driver’s window because he said the vehicle’s waterproof. In the end, a tow truck came out to winch him of the water. $200 Service call, with additional undisclosed recovery fee. The kid insisted on leaving it running the entire time in the water. He felt as though if he shut it off, he may never get it started again. After they got it out of the water, he insisted on driving away as the vehicle sounded like it was flushing seashells through the engine, grinding and cracking, and sizzling, and smoking and steaming. In jest, the tow truck driver gave him the advice of taking it straight to a car wash and then a dealer, and trading it in immediately before too much damage is done. The kid arrogantly said no way this is a limited edition.The passenger side was all dented in and beat up from the waves crashing on it.”

Via ViralHog

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