Tire out races the dragster…with Australia’s Rachel Burr (Video)

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In the world of NHRA Top Fuel drag racing the name Larry Dixon is a total bad-a**.
The first section of the video is clearly a POV from a wild yet kind of funny crash that he had. I wanted to find a few other angles of this wreck…and I came across an Australian commentator that just made my day.
First, the guy was just givin’ Mr. Dixon’s some serious luv for his racing abilities. In my personal opinion, it is always cool to here some one from another country actually giving an American racer some credit for being good.
Thing is Australians are just f-n awesome people…so I had to make a cut with this guy’s narration.
Don’t ask me why, but every time I hear an Aussie accent, I just get happy. Yes it’s cheesy/stupid but then again, it’s the lil’ things in life that crack-me-the-f*ck-up.
Hope you guys get a quick chuckle from this announcer’s good ol’ enthusiasm.

Source POV
Commentary from Andra Drag Racing – Australian National Drag Racing Association

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