US Air Force Sgt. saves family from burning building (Video)

Imagine strolling to dinner one evening, when all of a sudden you encounter a horrific scene as a family is screaming for their lives as their apartment building is engulfed in flames. Well that was the case just outside Osan Airbase in Korea a few days ago, when MSgt Daniel Raimondo noticed the commotion and decided to take action. He rallied fellow on-lookers, assembled a sturdy blanket landing, and talked the family through their life-saving jumps. His heroism and quick thinking helped save 3 women and 3 babies from the burning building. Raimondo said he sat with the first child to be rescued in the aftermath and held her while her mother, suffering from smoke inhalation, sat in shock. “It was an emotional experience. The good news is they made it through alive.” MSgt Raimondo, you are a true American hero.

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