Family with infant child booted off delta flight (Video)

So here’s what happened. Dad buys seat for older son with his infant designated as lap infant. He then decides to put his older son on a different flight and buys him a new seat on a new flight. That son is now a no show for this current delta flight so his seat is filled with a standby passenger. The issue is that deltas website statesWe want you and your children to have the safest, most comfortable flight possible. For kids under the age of two, we recommend you purchase a seat on the aircraft and use an approved child safety seat.” Which is what he was doing and had done on the previous flight. He was using the now open seat that hey paid for to accommodate Delta’s rules. The lady in this video is saying that he HAS to hold his child in his lap after they already flew a preview Delta flight with him in a car seat. So by their own rules, you should purchase a seat for your infant, but they can also give it away to someone else. Yes, you technically can’t transfer tickets to a new person but it’s these types of hypocritical rules/laws that allow airlines to continue their shady business practices.

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