Chive Gaming (was) playing the Witcher 3, tune in (next week)

This week we are playing the gorgeous new fantasy RPG The Witcher 3: the Wild Hunt. On the show this week is theCHIVE’s own Rachel, Jeff, Dougy, Nikki, and Dave who will probably end up talking about 8-Bit Salute and Game of Thrones before too long.

We are giving away a PS4 copy of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Limited Edition in the chat. To win, just make up an original mythical creature and then post it in the chat with the hashtag #Creature.
And to find out about more giveaways be sure to follow Chive Gaming on Twitter.

It is all going down at Twitch.tv/theCHIVE. You can also join the chat right here:

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