The mind of Marc Maron is on display on theCHIVE Podcast today!!

One of the funniest and insightful comics today, Marc Maron, actually stopped by theCHIVE office to do a Podcast with us. He has a keen observation and perspective of the world as well as an almost clinical understanding of human psychology. All and all we had a fascinating conversation, and it was an honor to pick his brain for an hour. So strap in, this was a wild and wickedly fun episode. And don’t forget to watch Season 3’s opening episode of ‘Maron‘, which returns tonight at 10 PM to IFC.

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Lastly, don’t forget to tune in to all the manic hilarity on Marc’s wildly popular ‘WTF Podcast‘

And if you have questions for John and myself to read on the Podcast, please send them our way to podcastquestions@thechive.com

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