theCHIVE Podcast answers all your random questions this week

Last week Dave Welch put a call out on social media to see what you guys really wanted to know about theCHIVE. As always no topic was off the table. And for better or worse we answered.

This week John and I sat down with senior editor Doug Harrison (Hump Day, BYB, Mind the gap, etc.) and Dave Welch, the director of Chive Nation, to answer all your bizarre questions. We talk about everything from theCHIVE chapters, the DC universe, how theCHIVE came to be, and we may or may not have discussed what losing our virginity was like (spoiler alert, it was every bit as awkward as you’d imagine).

Drinks were drank, laughs were had, and the sad and unfiltered truth is what you’re left with. We think you’ll get a kick out of this one. And if not just remember–they were your questions.

Check out the entire episode AVAILABLE NOW at PodcastOne
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